A farm sink is also called an apron sink, and is traditionally used in the kitchen of your home. There are different styles of apron sinks available made out of different materials, including porcelain, stainless steel, and copper. Of the different materials, copper provides the ability to resist staining, is easy to clean, and does not chip. Copper apron sinks also give you the ability to choose different types of textures and patterns for your kitchen sink.

Check How a Copper Farm Sink Is Manufactured

When you are in the market for a copper farm sink, you will want to make sure you check out how the sink was manufactured. Machine made copper apron sinks are noticeable by distinct features that only a machine can make. For example, in the bottom of the sink, you will notice 90 degree perfect corners. While this might appear nice, keep in mind that food particles and dirt can get trapped in these perfect corners. Instead, you should look at a handmade copper sinks where the corners and edges are hand rolled – like our sinks here at Premier Copper Products.

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