A farm skin is a unique type of kitchen sink used in homes which offers a wider and deeper sink area. Most of the time this type of sink consists of a single bowl, but is available with split bowls when your customers prefer to have two sinks. You can choose from different percentages of split bowls including 25/75 splits, 50/50 splits, and 40/60 splits. The splits can even be reversed for customers who desire the larger sink on the left hand side for uneven splits.

Copper Farm Sink Can Last Longer Than Other Types

A farm sink can be made out of different materials and metals, including copper. Copper offers the ability to last longer than other types of products because it will not rust when used indoors. In fact, properly cared for copper sinks can become more attractive over time. Copper sinks also contain natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so they do not need to be disinfected like other types of sinks.

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