Using a copper vessel sink is a great idea to achieve a specific décor in your home.  When it is time to add accents to your sink, consider using copper faucets as well.  This gives you a complete theme for the sink area and insures that everything matches.  You can also use copper vases to hold artificial flowers to add some color to the area.

Overfilling a Copper Vessel Sink is easy

Because copper vessel sinks do not have an overflow drain, it is important to watch the level of water in the sink when it is in use.  Our sinks have a standard 1.5-inch drain, so they will fit on most bathroom plumbing, but they do not have the extra drain near the rim.  This means that they should not be where you leave the water running overnight because if the drain clogs, there is nowhere else for the water to go but onto your countertop.

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