There is nothing more elegant than the shine of copper kitchen sinks inside your home.  Our sinks are made from pure copper, so they will never rust and need to be replaced because of water damage.  This makes them, not only a lovely addition to your home, but a sound investment in the resale value of your house.  You can even use these sinks outside because of their inability to rust.

Removing scratches from Copper Kitchen Sinks

As with any type of area you use frequently, you can get scratches in your copper kitchen sinks.  Normally, these appear as flaws in the patina that coats the sink.  If you do scratch the patina, do not panic.  All you have to do is avoid putting wax on the sink for a couple of months and the patina will repair itself.  This is one of the best features of using copper, its ability to regenerate its own coating.

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