Adding copper bathroom sinks to your home can add a touch of elegance.  They have a warm glow that is unique to this metal.  As copper ages, is also acquires a patina on the metal.  This is not a sign of the metal breaking down, but a natural feature of copper.  You can show your taste and style by including copper sinks in your design plans.  The other advantage of these sinks is that they are easy to clean and take almost no maintenance to stay looking beautiful for years.

Use caution when cleaning your Copper Bathroom Sinks

Many different bathroom cleaners have harsh chemicals to help kill bacteria and germs.  When you choose a cleaner for your copper bathroom sinks, you should check to see if they include any types of acid, such as vinegar.  Acid cleaners can etch your copper.  You should also avoid cleansers that have abrasives as this will scratch the sink and remove the patina.

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