A bathroom is the place to get clean, but it can also be a place to soak away your worries and stress.  Copper bathtubs make great additions to any bathroom, because they are large enough to soak your entire body and easy to keep clean.  Because copper does not rust, you do not have to worry that the standing water will harm the tub. The natural patina on the copper makes it always feel smooth to your skin.

Is it Hard to Add Copper Bathtubs to a Bathroom?

Our copper bathtubs are designed to work with most standard plumbing.  The only additional plumbing you will need is a faucet that is mounted in the wall, and not on the side of the tub.  You want to make sure that the outlet of the faucet extends far enough from the wall to overhang the edge of the tub, but the drain should fit your current plumbing.

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