One of the traditions in the East is to wash in the shower and then relax your muscles in a tub of hot water.  Our copper bathtubs are ideal for this type of bathroom.  Our tubs sit above the floor and are not made to be flush with the wall, so they do not make good additions to bathrooms that use a combination tub and shower.  If you do want to use one of our tubs for a combination, then you need to have a shower curtain that hangs above the tub and encircles the entire area.

I have Scratches on my Copper Bathtubs

Even the most careful homeowner may find scratches in their copper bathtubs.  This often results from the patina being damaged by scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.  If you do find a scratch in the patina of your tub, you should not worry.  Given enough time, the copper will regenerate the patina without any outside assistance.

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