There are several important considerations when buying copper sinks, copper bathtubs and other copper products.  At Premier Copper Products, we believe that the more you know, the more satisfied you will be with a quality copper product.  Homeowners and individuals will find all the information you need in our FAQ section, and a dealer locator to purchase our products.

As a reseller, your primary considerations in copper sinks and other products are construction, gauge, finish, guarantee/return policy, and shipping time.

At Premier Copper Products in Arizona, we manage our own factory in Mexico.  We control the construction methods and the gauge of copper used in our products.  You will find more details of construction, supports, gauge and troughing in our FAQ section, but be assured that our copper products are superior to other suppliers on the market.

Copper sinks, basins and other products have a continuously live finish that will always look great.  Each piece is beautiful and unique, each living finish evolves in its own way.  Premier Copper Products are expertly tempered to bring out the natural rich, deep patina color that will regenerate throughout a lifetime.  We offer several shades of finish, as well as matching accessories to complete the project.

Our product guarantee and return policy are outstanding, and our customer satisfaction rate is unbeatable.  Combine those with an inventory level that allows us to ship orders quickly, and we are certain that Premier Copper Products can meet your copper products supply needs first and foremost.

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