We offer several different designs for your copper bar sinks.  You can get a sink with grapes, to give you the feeling of an old world winery.  You can also get a Fleur De Lis design that lets you relive the glory of medieval Europe.  There are also several different shapes and styles of sinks on our site.  Just choose the one that best suits your tastes and create the bar area of your dreams with long lasting copper.

Do I need to purchase extra plumbing to install Copper Bar Sinks

Depending on the type of sink you purchase, it may fit with your current plumbing.  All of our sinks are listed with the size of the drain hole.  This must match your current drain or you will have to purchase new pipes for under the sink.  The best way to determine the correct size hole is to measure the hole in your current sink and then match that size when you order.

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