Because copper bathtubs are designed to fit above the floor, and are not flush with the wall like standard tubs, you can have a shower but it need to be free standing.  This means that it can extend from the wall, but it needs to be long enough to hang over the edge of the tub.  You will also need to check to make sure you have a shower curtain that surrounds the tub area.

Using Copper Bathtubs to create a modern bathroom

Most people think that a copper bathtub can only be used in a rustic style bathroom.  This is far from the truth.  You can use a copper bathtub for a modern bathroom with only a little adaptation.  You can substitute most of your outlet covers and lighting fixtures with copper, creating a set theme for the room.  Then all you have to do is combine the copper color with modern metals, such as steel, to create a sophisticated look.

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