The main difference between standard sinks and copper bathroom sinks is that they do not have a hole in the top for the faucet.  The faucet must be installed in the countertop, with the outlet over the sink.  If you are putting these sinks in your bathrooms, then you may want to invest in new faucets, to make sure that they extend far enough out to reach the center of the sink.

Cutting the Holes for Copper Bathroom Sinks

Because our copper bathroom sinks are hand hammered, you do not want to cut the holes in your countertop until the sink arrives.  This is to avoid the problem of the hole being too large.  Each of our sinks is handmade, so there could be a slight variation in the sizes.  Always wait for your sink to arrive, to make sure that the hole you are cutting is the exact size you need for your new sink.

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