We carry two different types of copper bathroom sinks.  We have an under mount sink that is designed to rest under the counter and have no extra lip around the outside of the sink.  We also offer a surface mount sink that is more traditional and gives you the outer lip of pure copper.  Either type of sink will work in your bathroom with minor adjustments to your current countertop.

Benefits of using Copper Bathroom Sinks

One of the main problems in any bathroom is the growth of bacteria and mildew.  Because copper is naturally resistant to both of these organisms, it can help keep your bathroom safer than a porcelain or steel sink.  Another problem in bathrooms is the amount of moisture in the air.  This can cause rust in steel sinks, which will force you to replace the sink.  Copper never rusts, so you do not have to worry about having to replace the sink just because it is exposed to moisture.

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