There are so many beautiful copper sinks available on the market today that it is easy to focus on only the design aspects of your project.  At Premier Copper Products, we like to help people remember to consider the technical aspects of their project, too.

All of our product specifications include dimensions for project consideration.  You may request product specifications by calling your local dealer or email us at info@premiercopperproducts.com.

■The inner dimension is the usable space between the rims of the sink or basin. This is important if the product will be under-mounted where the rim is under the countertop.

■The outer dimension of the product includes the rim, and is important in surface mounted projects where the overall width or depth with be visible. When applying these dimensions, please consider that the sink must fit on the counter WITH enough space to mount both the sink and faucet.  Typically you need a minimum of 3” to 4” to mount your faucet. (Please refer to your faucet mounting instructions for actual requirements)

Premier Copper Products has so many choices available that one will be perfect for your project.  On smaller bathroom counters, you could choose a round sink and single post style faucet.  Consider mounting the faucet at the 11:00 or 2:00 position, coming into the sink at an angle.  This type install will accommodate the largest usable space for your sink and give you a unique designer look.  Or you might choose a smaller size round or oval sink that allows for more room behind the rim for a faucet.

Choose a rectangle sink if you have a shallow countertop depth to work with, since they are narrower from front to back. 

In the kitchen, most of our sinks are optimized to give the most usable space in the most efficient sizing.  You can always call Premier Copper Products for assistance in choosing a sink.  Our experts or your dealer will be happy to help you make the perfect choice.

Premier Copper Products Specs Example

Premier Copper Products Specs Example

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