One of the main reasons that copper bathtubs can help you have a greener home is that copper is 100 percent recyclable.  It is one of the few substances in the world that can be reused countless times without losing any of its original integrity.  Copper is also one of the easiest metals to maintain in your home, needing only soap and water to keep it clean.

Get a Japanese Bathroom with Copper Bathtubs

The newest craze in decorating is to turn one room in your home into a Japanese garden, so why not start with your bathroom.  We have copper bathtubs that are made in the style of Japanese soaking tubs.  These tubs hold 54 gallons of water and are ideal for people who want to soak after a long day of work.  They let you soak in an upright position, making them better for people who have problems getting up from a prone position.

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