When most people think about the color of copper, they often picture the bright shininess, like is found with a brand new copper penny. While this is just one shade of copper, there are also other colors available. You will find that copper kitchen sinks can be found in bright new copper finishes, as well as once which have a more aged and darker appearance. The range of different shades of copper sinks available gives you the ability to easily match your décor to the color of copper you require.

Selecting the Right Style of Copper Kitchen Sink

When picking a copper kitchen sink for your kitchen, you will need to decide if you want a farm house style of copper sink or a traditional style of copper sink. A farm house sink sets directly on top of a sink base and includes its own front. Traditional styles are the ones which are set in a hole in your counter top. Both styles of copper sinks are available with or without divided areas on our website, here at Premier Copper Products, to meet the usage requirements of your customers.

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