When you have a customer who wants to remodel their home and put in new sinks, you should steer them towards replacing porcelain sinks with copper sinks. Copper provides a natural beauty to the home which can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. It also comes in a variety of different styles and designs. Porcelain sinks can become stained over time, and even chipped. Copper, however, does not stain, will not rust when used indoors, and will not chip.

Copper Sinks Often Made From Recycled Copper

Copper is a recyclable metal which allows for copper to be reused for different types of items, including copper sinks. Once the copper has been smelted, it can be rolled out into different gauge sheets. These copper sheets are then used to manufacturer handmade sinks, drains, bathtubs and other copper products available for your customers’ homes.

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