There are different styles of copper vessel sinks which you can use around your home. A vessel sink is different from other styles of sinks because it normally sits on top of the counter rather than be recessed into the counter. This style of sink was popular in the past before recessed sinks were developed. Vessel sinks have become popular once more as they offer a unique style and way to decorate rooms of the home not traditionally made to stand out.

Copper Vessel Sinks Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

You will find that copper vessel sinks, like the ones featured on our website, here at Premier Copper Products, come in different shapes and sizes. You can find oval wired rimmed vessel sinks which are more like the bowl type of sinks. When you want a smaller version of an oval sink, then you should check out compact oval skirted vessel sinks. When you do not want an oval shaped sink, there are plenty of other shapes also available.

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