When people design a home, they choose a specific décor for every room.  This is common in living areas, such as the dining room, kitchen and living room.  You can also extend this idea into your bathroom.  With copper bathtubs, you can create a focal point for your bathroom that sets the tone for the rest of the room.  Using copper gives you freedom in your decorating.  You can have a bathroom reminiscent of the old west, or a modern Japanese garden.

Using Copper Bathtubs in modern themed bathrooms

The greatest decorating advantage of copper bathtubs is that they can be combined with almost any décor.  You can have a modern, minimalist look to your bathroom while still enjoying the reliability and low maintenance of copper.  As a standalone piece, the tub can be accented with specific lighting, wall decorations and even floor patterns, to look modern while still being warm and inviting.

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