Our copper bathroom sinks are designed to fit with your current plumbing.  You will want to measure the opening for the drain in your current sink and then purchase a sink that has the same size drain hole.  You could also purchase a different sink and then purchase an adaptor to adjust the hole in your new sink to fit the plumbing from your old sink. You should also make sure that your current faucet connections will reach over the side of the sink and not fall short.

Should I Caulk my Copper Bathroom Sinks

No matter what type of sink you are going to install, whether it is a copper bathroom sink or a copper kitchen sink, you want to add caulk to protect your cabinets.  The most common type of leak under a cabinet is from the edges of the sink.  This is because the caulk was not applied, so the water that splashes on the side of the sink runs between the sink and the counter.

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