We carry a variety of different farm sinks that will look great in any home.  You can order the basic, single basin model that will give your home an old-world feel.  You can also order the standard double sink that is found in most modern kitchens.  If you are feeling more adventurous, or just want something a little different, you can order a triple basin sink that has two large basins outside and a smaller interior basin.  The interior is great for washing vegetables without exposing the cleaned produce to items in the outer sinks.

Will a Copper Farm Sink work outside?

A copper farm sink is a great item to use outside your home.  Because copper will never rust, it is safe to have exposed to weather.  It is also resistant to bacteria, so you will not have to worry about items growing inside the sink.  You do want to make sure the drain is open so that water will not collect in the sink and go stagnant.

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