We have all enjoyed the old movies with the main character sitting in copper bathtubs and admired the elegance of this type of tub.  You can now have that same look in your own home with our complete line of copper bathtubs.  Our bathtubs are made from pure copper, so you will have the décor you admire.  Copper is almost maintenance free, so they will make you bathroom easier to keep clean while still looking attractive for as long as you own the home.

Cleaning tips for your Copper Bathtubs

Copper bathtubs are some of the easiest tubs to keep clean and looking new.  All they need is washing with soap and water, then a light coating of wax once a month.  You should avoid using any type of abrasive cleaner, as it will remove the patina from the copper.  You should also never use an acid based cleaner, such as vinegar, because that is one of the few substances that can harm copper.

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