You can add elegance to any bath in your home with the addition of copper vessel sinks.  These sinks offer you the look of a copper bowl that sits above the counter.  All of our sinks are designed to work with existing plumbing, so you do not have to worry about purchasing new pipes.  They are a perfect addition to a lower countertop because they raise the rim of the sink to new levels.

Do I need a special faucet to install Copper Vessel Sinks

Because our copper vessel sinks are designed to sit above the countertop, you may need to purchase a new faucet to get the clearance over the edge of the sink.  You may also want to look at an arched faucet, just for the extra elegance it can add to your bathroom.  There is no special faucet needed, but it does have to clear the rim of the sink, so make sure you purchase a sink that fits your current hardware, if possible.

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