When you want to add copper bathroom sinks to your home, you have to decide on a few things.  The first decision is where they will be mounted.  Are they going to be mounted above the counter or below?  This is important because the above counter sink has a rounded lip while the below sink has a flat lip.  Mixing up the two could cause problems with leaks and make them almost impossible to install correctly.

Which Copper Bathroom Sinks should you use?

When choosing which copper bathroom sinks to use, you also have to decide on the pattern you want pressed into the copper.  Unlike painted sinks, copper sinks cannot be changed once they are cast.  If you choose to have stars on the inside of the sink and then change your mind in 6 months, all you can do is order another sink.  This is important because you have to see the sink every day and do not want something that clashed with your décor.

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