Hammered copper is more attractive than smooth copper.  This is because the hammered finish gives you a textured look to the finished product.  The patina that develops on aged copper will look more like a pattern when you use the hammered version.  This is because of the small indentations give you a mottled surface and actually give you more surface area for the patina to develop.

What if I scratch the patina on my Hammered Copper

During regular use, you may scratch your hammered copper and damage the patina.  Do not panic, the patina will naturally repair itself and it will look good as new in a few months.  Copper has the unique ability to generate new patina if the old is damaged.  This means you never have to worry about replacing your copper and it will last forever.  Because copper cannot rust, it is not damaged by water and is only vulnerable to acid, so be careful when cutting citrus fruits in your copper sink.

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