You will have to compare and decide between two different manufacturing processes when you are looking for copper products for your home. Copper products and items, such as copper sinks, tiles, switch plates, and lighting for your home are available as machine made and handmade. Handmade copper products are made by using hammered copper processes, which make individual copper products unique. Even though two products might look the same, each one is made by hand, so it will have slight variations. Handmade copper products are all unique.

Hammered Copper is Difficult to Replicate Using Machine Processes

Hammered copper is a handmade process, and is available in our products here at Premier Copper Products. Some manufacturers attempt to replicate hammered copper using machine processes. Sheets of copper will be fed into different machines, where they will press and imprint a hammered-like copper finish into the copper sheets. This imprint process is distinguishable because it is a consistent and almost perfect pattern.

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