There are different processes used to manufacture copper sinks which affect the quality of the finished product. Automated processes use machines which bend the copper to create the sink, often leaving out important details. Hammered copper sinks, on the other hand, are made by hand so that each part of the sink is constructed to design specifications. This provides a superior finish.

Hammered Copper Sinks Are Full of Detailed Work

You can easily spot a handmade hammered copper sink when you look at the amount of details found in the sink. Copper is a soft metal which requires thicker gauges to be used to provide a longer lasting sink. The bottom of the handmade copper sink will be troughed, so that water can flow freely from the sink. There are also no corners for food to become trapped in. You will even find supports on the bottom of the copper sink, which prevents it from sagging overtime. This also helps to keep the sink level.

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