When you are looking at different types of copper products, like sinks and bathtubs, you will need to pick from mass manufactured products and handmade products. Mass produced copper products are noticeably different because the sheets of copper are bended which results in seams and other areas being bended by a machine. Handmade products are constructed by hand using different techniques which results in a hammered copper appearance. The sheets of copper have to be carefully formed and rolled in order to construct the sink or bathtub and offers a superior design.

Do Not Be Fooled By Machine Replicated Hammered Copper

While there are certain manufacturing processes which will give the appearance of handmade hammered copper, it is still not the same as handmade. This appearance is accomplished by running a sheet of copper through a pressing machine, which imprints the hammered pattern into the copper before it used to make the sink. It is easy to find design flaws in these look-alike products, like poorly rolled corners and non-troughed bottoms which will cause drainage issues. You can avoid being fooled when you get handmade copper products available directly from us, for your customers, here at Premier Copper Products.

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