The first step in choosing between copper kitchen sinks is to calculate the area where your sink will be installed.  This lets you know what size sink you need.  You also have to determine how many basins you want in your sink.  If you are going for a more traditional look, then a single large basin will meet your decorating wants.  If you want a sink that is more practical for food preparation, then a multiple basin sink is better for your cooking needs.

How hard is it to install Copper Kitchen Sinks?

Copper kitchen sinks are as easy to install as regular sinks.  You do have to make sure, that there your faucets will overhang the sink, because they are designed to sit in front of the faucet, not have it going through the sink.  You also have to insure that the drain pipe fits and may have to purchase extra plumbing to get the best fit and avoid leaks.

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