When you purchase items made from hammered copper, you may wonder how to clean and maintain the beauty of your items.  The easiest way to clean copper is to use a mild soap and water.  Then simply add a layer of liquid wax once a month to help keep your copper shiny.  You do need to be careful, because there are some products that can harm the copper and cause it to lose its patina.

What You Should Never Do to Hammered Copper

Cleaning hammered copper is one of the easiest things you will do in your home.  You do have to be careful not to use anything that contains acid as the main cleaning ingredient.  This means that you should never use any type of vinegar cleaner, because acid will etch the copper and remove the patina.  If you do accidently harm the patina on the copper, quit waxing it for a few months and the patina will regenerate naturally, without any further assistance.

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