The reason that most people enjoy the look of an apron sink is that you get more of the metal showing in the room.  If your sink is composed of decorative metal, such as copper, you add a warm glow to make your kitchen more welcoming.  You also have a front area that is resistant to damage from water, so you do not have to worry about small spills down the front of the sink.  This is ideal for people who have children who want to use the sink but do not have the coordination to avoid spills.

Installing an Apron Sink is easy

The only thing you have to remember when you are installing an apron sink is that you will not need to false front on the base.  Removing this front gives you plenty of room for your new sink without having to purchase a new sink base.  You can also order sinks with decorative fronts, so they will match the décor of your kitchen.

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