Guests who stay at your home will be impressed when you show them into the bathroom and they see your new copper bathtubs.  This type of décor combines the beauty of the old world with the convenience of the new.  We offer several different styles of bathtubs, each of which is made from 100 percent copper.  This means they will never rust and are one of the easiest items to clean in your home.

Cleaning your Copper Bathtubs

Cleaning your copper bathtubs is as easy as washing the surface with soap and water.  This is the recommended cleaning solution for copper and you should be careful what other products you use to clean the surface.  You should never use an acid based cleaner or an abrasive cleanser.  Either of these could damage the patina on the copper.  You may also want to add a light coating of liquid wax to keep the tub shiny and help it repel water.

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