A great way to improve the look of your kitchen is to add a farm sink.  This sink is usually only a single basin, so it is ideal for working with large items, such as a turkey or whole chicken.  It also allows you to soak large dishes and pans completely, without having to have part of the pan sticking out of the water.  They can even be used to soak clothing that has stains, to allow the stains to soften before washing.

Where Should I Put My Farm Sink?

The most common place to put a farm sink is in your kitchen.  It can also be used in other areas of the house.  It is ideal for the laundry room, because its large capacity allows you to soak bulky items before washing.  You can pre-soak your comforters and blankets before you put them in the wash, allowing you to remove stains from these large items with ease.

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