The main difference between an apron sink and a regular sink is that the front of the apron sink is not hidden by the cabinet.  It comes with a front section that is meant to be exposed to the room.  This gives the sink a look of elegance and can add to any décor.  Look at the complete collection of sinks available on our site and you can see the difference.  You may have to change your sink base to install one of these sinks, but when you see the finished product, you will be glad you made the change.

Do Apron Sinks only have One Basin?

Our apron sinks can have one or two basins in each sink.  You can get sinks that are divided 50 / 50 or 60 / 40.  We even offer a sink that has a division of 75 / 25, so you have a small sink for washing vegetables and draining pasta, and an oversized sink for washing those larger kitchen pots.

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