The great thing about using copper bar sinks in your business is that they are naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus.  This means that you can do prep-work in the sink without spreading disease among your customers.  They are also easier to clean, so your employees will be happier when it comes time to close up for the day and head home.  Copper products are necessary for any serious business that serves food and drinks to their customers.

Using Copper Bar Sinks for an Outdoor Bar Area

Having an outdoor bar area can make your summer gatherings more exciting and let you enjoy time with your friends without having to go into the house to make drinks.  The problem is that most sinks rust and have to be covered when exposed to the weather.  Copper bar sinks will never rust.  They are also safer to use outside because they are not damaged by the weather and only have to be covered if you experience high acid content in your rain, one of the few substances that can damage copper.

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