One of the greatest benefits of copper vessel sinks is that they can be more fun than regular sinks.  Your kids can fill the sinks with water and play with their boats or toys, without having to worry about the water sitting in the sink.  This is because copper will not rust and the water will not damage the copper, no matter how long it sits in the sink.

Decorating with Copper Vessel Sinks

When you are ready to decorate your new bathroom, it is important to make all the decorations harmonious with each other.  Copper vessel sinks will go with almost any décor.  Copper is a neutral color, so it will not clash with wallpaper or cabinets.  You can have bright colors and it will be an earthy accent, or you can have pastel colors and it will offer a warm glow.  Copper will complement almost any style of décor and make your bathroom more attractive.

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