We offer unique Japanese style soaking copper bathtubs to make your bathroom look like it was designed in Japan.  This tub is 45 inches across and is made from hand hammered copper.  This is one of the oldest methods of working copper and gives it a natural appearance.  You can tell quality copper because of the small dents left behind in the metal by the hammering process.

Specifications of the Japanese Style Copper Bathtubs

Our Japanese style copper bathtubs are great to create an eastern style bathroom.  Our tubs are 45 inches by 36 inches and are used for soaking more than bathing.  They are made to be mounted directly on the surface of the floor and they offer you a seat so you can relax while enjoying the hot water.  They hold 54 gallons of water, so they can give you the full experience of immersion without the high volume of water that is required for larger tubs.

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