Clearance 30″ Zinc Range Hood with Black Straps

Item Number: RH-302136-A

*This range hood was a prototype design.*

Not afraid of some added character? Then our loss is your gain! Explore our selection of clearance products and save big on copper bathtubs, sinks, range hoods, and more. (Inventory varies day to day.) Clearance items fall under three main categories: Scratch & Dent, R&D/Prototypes, and Quality Control Issues.
1. Scratch & Dent – Cosmetic imperfections including dents, scratches, discoloration, and other appearance related flaws. See product images for a detailed depiction. Products remain fully functional.
2. R&D/Prototypes – Early product samples that did not make it to full production. No cosmetic or functionality issues present. Often one-of-a-kind products that you will not find anywhere else!
3. Quality Control Issues – Products that failed to pass our quality control inspection. This includes any product that was not built to its correct specifications – wrong size, wrong shape, wrong color, etc. No cosmetic or functionality issues present.
· All Sales are Final
· Items are not eligible for return or exchange
· Items are void from any Premier Copper Products Warranty
· No refund will be given on any Clearance or Custom Order Purchase

Product Features
Handmade; Not Machine Stamped
Care Instructions
Product Details
DESCRIPTION: Clearance Zinc Range Hood with Black Straps
OUTER DIMENSION: 30"" x 21"" x 36""
INSERT: Not Included
REASON FOR CLEARANCE: *This range hood was a prototype design.*

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Care Instructions

Premier’s copper products are 99.6% pure copper, the other .4% are trace minerals, none of which are lead. See here how this rustic and unique material weathers beautifully over time and how to care for it.

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