Choosing a Faucet Finish to Match Your Copper Sink

  Copper has a dark, rich natural finish that comes from within.  Most homeowners want to match the finish on their copper sinks with the faucets and accessories.  Faucets are plated in many different colors.  Premier Copper Products recommends choosing accessories in...

How will a Copper Sink Wear Over Time?

At Premier Copper Products, we are often asked about what is normal wear for copper sinks, copper bathtubs, and other copper products.  More specifically we get asked what to do about light and dark spots that occur with normal use.  The answer is both simple and...

Buyers Guide to Copper Sinks

There are several important considerations when buying copper sinks, copper bathtubs and other copper products.  At Premier Copper Products, we believe that the more you know, the more satisfied you will be with a quality copper product.  Homeowners and individuals...
Where to Buy
Care Instructions
Common Questions