Silicone for Copper Products
Silicone for Copper Sinks

Premier Copper Products created Copper Sink Installation Silicone (CSIS) for use with our full line of copper products.  CSIS is a neutral cure silicone made without chemicals that may react with the copper and cause discoloration.  CSIS is formulated to match the color of our Dark/Brown finished sink or accessories, so the silicone adheres and seals with a seamless look that matches the copper finish perfectly.

For a surface mounted copper sink, copper bathtub, the silicone is used to adhere the product to the counter.  For an under-mount installation, the silicone seals the gap between the copper sink and the counter. 

The silicone should also used to seal around drains.  Plumber’s Putty, found in most home improvement stores, is white.  Using plumber’s putty creates a white ring around drain that does not match and creates an eyesore.  In all cases you use our color matched silicone you will see a seamless, flawless installation of your drain.  CSIS, purchased exclusively through our distributors, gives a seamless, beautiful look.

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