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As the borders blur between work and home life, there’s a strong desire to bring nature into our homes, so expect to see more interiors filled with greenery, hanging pots, plants, and herbs. Of course, sustainability continues to be important, and this will also translate into more worn or aged furnishings and accents, mixed in with personal treasures. Since we’re surrounded, often immersed, in artificial intelligence and technology for work and play, people are looking to natural materials for balance. You can also expect to see neutrals accented with colored walls and accessories, especially pastels. In this special interior forecast report, Ket reveals her top six international themes for 2016/2017. The raw, industrial aesthetic is still going strong, with concrete, clay, copper, glass, and steel the main material focus. These will be seen in a variety of effects, from marbling to irregular and uneven surfaces to a worn and aged appearance.

Written by: Sacha Strebe via www.mydomaine.com 

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