The best type of accessory to add to your kitchen is made from hammered copper.  These items are easy to clean, almost maintenance free and add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.  They can be incorporated into any décor, from modern to old world style.  They can even be used as the centerpiece of your décor creating an old style look with modern conveniences.

Using Hammered Copper in unexpected places

Everyone knows about using hammered copper in the kitchen, but what about the rest of your home.  One common location is the bathroom, but what about your den or bedroom.  You can purchase everything from copper lighting to outlet and switch plate covers.  This can add the elegance of copper to any room in your home.  You can even get copper tiles that can be used to accent any wall in the home.  These tiles are great to add as accent pieces around a fireplace or in the entranceway of your house.

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