When you are installing copper sinks, like those available from us here at Premier Copper Products, you will want to make sure you use products to make the installation look authentic. For example, you would not want to use plumber’s putty to install the drain into the sink. When the plumber’s putty dries it will appear white, which will contrast with the copper sink. Instead you will want to use a product which is color matched. You can find this option in certain silicone products that are designed for installing sink drains.

There Can Be Differences in the Construction of Copper Sinks

There are also differences in the construction of certain types of copper sinks, which will require a slight variation in the installation process. For instance, copper bathroom sinks are thinner on the bottom than bathroom sinks made of other materials, like porcelain. A standard drain may not be able to be fully tightened, which means you may need to use a special drain instead.

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