If you have a prep area, or a bar, on your patio, you should consider installing copper bar sinks.  This is because copper will not rust, so you do not have to worry about rain and other inclement weather damaging your sink.  It is also has a natural patina to help protect it from harsher weather.  This patina will continue to renew itself for the life of your sink, offering you years of protection.

Installing your own Copper Bar Sinks

All our copper bar sinks come with mounting instructions.  Please read the instructions completely before you start making any cuts or changes to your countertop.  While we do give you the dimensions of our sinks when you order, these sinks are handmade.  This means that there could be small variances in the size of the sink after it is completed.  Do not make any cuts until you receive the sink to insure you get a quality fit with no gaps.

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