Copper vessel sinks are sinks for the kitchen or bathroom that look like copper bowls that are used in place of a standard sink.  These sinks give rooms an old world feel and make any room have a more natural décor.  These sinks reflect a time when copper bowls were used as sinks in many homes.  This type of sink also can be decorated to make them appear to be made from molded copper, which was often the style in Italy or France.

Are there any foods that are dangerous to Copper Vessel Sinks?

Our copper vessel sinks are made from the highest quality copper, so they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  The only substance that can harm the copper finish is acid, so you want to be careful when cutting fruits that have a high acid content.  When cutting these fruits, you want to let the water run so that the acid does not have time to sit on the copper and damage the surface.

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