A farm sink is a kitchen sink that has one side exposed to the room.  The most beautiful examples of this are the single basin kitchen sinks we have available.  These sinks are extra deep so that you can use them for a variety of different functions.  Our copper sinks also have sloped bases so that the water drains easily and there is no water left standing in the bottom of the sink after it is emptied.  Our corners are rounded on the inside to make cleaning easier and the copper will look attractive as long as you own the home.

Installing a Farm Sink in your Kitchen

A farm sink is a little harder to install than a regular sink.  The first step is to cut the counter so that the front of the sink can be exposed.  Then you also need your sink base to have an opening on the front to accommodate the sink.  After these two criteria are met, the sink is installed just like a regular drop in sink, except you get to see the beautiful copper every day.

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