When you are choosing between different copper bar sinks, it is important to understand how they will fit in your home.  The size of the sink listed on our website is the outside dimension of the basin.  This means that a 16 inch sink needs to have at least 16 inches of space to be installed.  You also have to consider the drain size and, if it is different than the one currently installed, you may have to have some extra plumbing to accommodate the new sink.

Copper Bar Sinks are safer for your guests

Copper bar sinks are safer to use in your bar or prep area than other types of sinks.  This is because copper is resistant to bacteria and mildew, so it is easier to keep sanitary.  Copper is also rustproof, so there is no danger of the sink developing rust from standing water, such as when items are soaking or during clean up when you have to keep it full of water for washing down the bar area.

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