The reason that copper vessel sinks are so popular is that they look like the sinks you would see in old European homes.  These were often formed by sinking (hence the name sink) a bowl into the countertop.  The bottom of the bowl would be cut with a hole to allow water to drain out.  They could also be removed from the counter for cleaning and then replaced if they every cracked.

Modern Copper Vessel Sinks

With the modern copper vessel sinks, you no longer remove the sink for cleaning.  They are built to be inserted into a sink base and then to be attached to the underside of the counter.  They can also be attached to the top of the counter, depending on the type of sink you purchase.  We have a wide selection of different vessel sinks, in various sizes.  This lets you place a large sink in the master bath while having a smaller sink in the guest bathroom or outside by the grill.

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