One of the main reasons that people prefer to have copper sinks is that they will never rust.  They also require a minimum amount of cleaning and eliminate the need for harsh cleansers.  Copper is naturally anti-bacterial, so it is perfect for people with children who want to insure the sink in their bathroom and kitchen are safe for the young people in the house.

Can I put Copper Sinks in Any Room?

Any room that has a need can benefit from having copper sinks.  They work just as well in the laundry room as they do in the kitchen.  They can even be used for outdoor kitchens, because of the unique qualities of copper.  It will never rust and the patina will regenerate automatically.  The only item you have to watch around copper is acid, so if you are using your sink to cut acidic fruit, you should have the water running to avoid pitting in the copper.

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