Elegant and Beautiful Copper Bathroom Sinks

Premier Copper Products is proud to offer an unbeatable selection of fine copper bathroom sinks suitable for a simple and function master bathroom to the most demanding of guest accommodations, and everything in between. Our beautiful and authentic hand hammered copper bathroom sinks are available in a great variety of sizes, shapes and designs to suit bathroom décor and layout of any kind.

Like our copper kitchen sinks that come in two styles – the traditional copper kitchen sink and the apron sink (or farm sink) – our copper bathroom sinks also come in two basic styles: under mount copper bathroom sinks and surface mount copper bathroom sinks.

Under Mount Copper Bathroom Sinks

Under Mount Copper Kitchen SinksUnder mount copper bathroom sinks are intended for use in traditional bathroom sink structures, where the basin is fully enclosed by a countertop. But even largely hidden from view, the artistry, texture, and hand finishes of our copper bathroom sinks shine through, adding an air of earthiness and mystery to your washroom. Our traditional Rim Hammered Copper Sink comes in a small, round, flat style that easily accommodates nearly any bathroom sink fixtures, while providing a hammered edge that grants texture and personality to your bathroom. This same rim-hammered style and texture is also available in larger oval or rectangular shapes for larger bathroom sink fixtures.

But for a truly unique under mount sink design, we offer several oval-shaped under mount copper bathroom sinks with hand finished engravings that add even more personality to your washroom. Choose from the elegant simplicity of our woven braid design engraving, or the brick engraving similar to the Tuscan design on our apron-style kitchen sink. Other hand finished engravings for your copper bathroom sinks include sunbursts, Fleur-De-Lis patterns, stars, and many more – browse our online selection to see them all!


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Surface Mount Copper Bathroom Sinks

Surface Mount Copper Bathroom SinksThe rustic charm of our hand-hammered copper bathroom sinks will add elegance to your washroom. The self-rimming lip is an easy and beautiful upgrade to your décor and the nature of the hand-hammered look adds a beautiful focal point to your bathroom.

Our surface mount copper sinks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles allowing you all the freedom you need to express yourself. These beautiful, hand finished masterpieces offer many of the same design and engraving options as our traditional under mount copper bathroom sinks, but provide a much easier to view profile, allowing viewers to fully appreciate your choice of hammered rim finishes or engraving options.


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